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Media, faith and security

Protecting Freedom of Expression in Religious Context

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ESCR impact grants are designed to put research to work, to produce change, new thinking, and to broaden horizons. Received in 2015 by POLIS member and Principal Investigator, Dr Roxane Farmanfarmaian, the grant enabled Cambridge-generated research on the nexus between free expression, community security, and practices of belief to be shared with British law-makers, faith leaders and representatives from both British and Middle Eastern media for use in policy, reporting and scholarly output. Ongoing exchange continues through this website and the FreeExpression Blog.

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New research, drawn from around the University, was presented to media, policymakers, lawmakers, members of faith groups and of law enforcement at the Roundtable held at the House of Lords on January 28, 2016.

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This project is designed to open up debate on a difficult subject: A debate about freedom of expression and freedom of belief and how to balance freedoms with protections, rights with limits?

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