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Media, faith and security

Protecting Freedom of Expression in Religious Context

Studying at Cambridge


PDFs from related research papers
Hargreaves PDF

Half a Story? Miss ing Persp ectives in the Criminological Accounts of British Muslim Comm unities, Crime and the Criminal Justice System

Biagini PDF

Citizenship and religion in the Italian constitutions, 1796–1849

Elbahtimy PDF

The Right to be Free from the Harm of Hate Speech in International Human Rights Law

Erdos PDF

Freedom of Expression Turned on its Head? Academic Social Research and Journalism in the European Union’s Privacy Framework

Anderson PDF

‘Neo-Hindutva’: the Asia House M. F. Husain campaign and the mainstreaming of Hindu nationalist rhetoric in Britain

Moses PDF

Hagreaves PDF2

Eroukhmanoff PDF

Eroukhmanoff PDF2

Clark PDF

Baroness Butler-Sloss PDF

HoL Roundtable Programme PDF

Prevent Strategy PDF


This project is designed to open up debate on a difficult subject: A debate about freedom of expression and freedom of belief and how to balance freedoms with protections, rights with limits?

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