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Media, faith and security

Protecting Freedom of Expression in Religious Context

Studying at Cambridge


Chris Moses


Chris Moses is a Research Associate at the Faculty of Divinity, 2015-2018.

His work focuses on anthropological approaches to Islam in contemporary Europe, with particular interests in institutions, art, education, economics, politics, and the public sphere. Chris is also part of the Cambridge Inter-faith Programme team, focusing on inter-religious civil society engagement, diplomacy, and public education.

Chris's doctoral research explored Islamic institutions in a Muslim-minority context through the lenses of civil society and the public sphere. It entailed sixteen months of ethnographic fieldwork, examining (i) the construction of these institutions' various meanings, such as historical, geographical, or social, (ii) organisational issues such as strategy, authority, and sustainability, and (iii) the institutions' presence as Islamically identifiable actors inhabiting multiple public spheres.

His academic background is in Religious Studies (BA, University of Cambridge) and Modern Middle Eastern Studies (MPhil, University of Oxford), and professional experience includes media, education, research and trade/diplomacy.


This project is designed to open up debate on a difficult subject: A debate about freedom of expression and freedom of belief and how to balance freedoms with protections, rights with limits?

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